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You are looking for a suitable solution for a specific functional problem. You have already reviewed all the existing applications on the market without finding the one that fully meets your functional and financial requirements.
Why not consider custom Web development?

We will analyze your issue together to develop a solution that will blend in with your information system, adapt to your work habits, be user-friendly and personalized.

Our Web solutions do not require any specific licence.

Here are some examples of projects we’ve worked on:


sageSage 100 interfaces

As specialists in the SAGE 100 environment and experts in data management, we have developed many specific solutions for our customers.

Among which, we can mention:

  • A complex quotation creation tool which allows the simultaneous integration of new article references.
  • An online store directly connected to the « Sage 100 Gestion Commerciale » application, making it possible to display personalized product selections and prices.

  • A mini website allowing the company managing our customer's shipments to indicate the shipping date, which is automatically sent to the « Sage 100 Gestion Commerciale » application.
  • An interface for suppliers to indicate delivery times and allowing the update of the customer orders in question.

OutlookOutlook add-ons

It is often convenient to send information from an email directly to an application in your system, such as your CRM or any other application.

For this purpose we have frequently developed Outlook add-ons, these having the advantage over macros of being updatable remotely.

For example, in the context of after-sales service ticket creation, here are some of the features:

  • Recognition and confirmation of the sender contact.
  • Creation of the contact if it is not recognized.
  • Formatting of the information to be sent to the system.
  • Selection of attachments to be uploaded with preview.

Other applications were dedicated to the optimization of the calendar:

  • Search for the optimal time slot for a business manager according to the destination address.
  • Optimization of travel time between multiple meetings.

agendaAppointment scheduling

On various projects our Web solutions have been interfaced with Exchange calendars to create interactive online appointment scheduling forms.
The available slots are defined according to the rules specified by our customers.
Among these rules we have implemented, we find for instance:
  • Selection of the employee's calendar based on the topic the customer wishes to discuss.
  • In the context of on-site maintenance appointments, the proposed time slots are selected according to the customer's address to optimize the technicians' travel time.

photoPhoto library

The business agents from one of our customers travel to their customers' houses to assess the damages caused by accidents (fire, water damage, etc...).

They needed to be able to easily take pictures, upload them to their electronic document management system and associate them to the right file. The solution we developped consists of a website that comes in both mobile and PC versions offering distinct functionalities.

The mobile version allows to find the file number either from the insured's information (name, address, etc.) or from a QR Code printed on the intervention order. The agent can then easily take pictures and send them to the managers. An offline mode enables use even without an internet connection.

The standard version (PC) allows the user to access the photos and edit them (rotation, cropping, renaming, etc.).

echantillonsData entry and
sample processing

For the SNCF Railway Test Agency, we have developed several specific applications to collect and process information about samples taken on site (selection for sending to laboratories, creation of documents, etc.).


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