Design Department

Our Design Department translates your identity and messages into any communication support. Feel free to request a quote, we would gladly help you find the right solution.

Logo Creation
Improve your brand image by entrusting us with the creation or redesign of your visual identity (logo, graphic style guide).
Business Cards

Make a connection with the people you meet using business cards that reflect who you are.

Flyers / Brochures

Need to communicate on an event, your rates, your services? This is the ideal support for you.


Do you want increased visibility? Occupy the public space with a professional poster.

Document templates

Enjoy professional looking PowerPoint presentations, headed paper personalised with your visual identity and much more...


Simple and affordable, the sticker is the perfect product for making a quick yet lasting impression.


Make your products stand out on the shelves with our unique tailor-made packaging.

Vehicle wrapping

Why not use your vehicle as an alternative support for your communication? Another great way to increase your visibility!


Improve your customers’ experience and make a lasting impression by improving the aesthetics of your store.


T-shirts, tote-bags, pens... Offer promotional items to your customers and kill two birds with one stone.

Web campaigns

Reach more customers with email and social networking campaigns.

Tutorial creation

Make technical information related to your services or products accessible to the general public, guide your users.